Konstantin Vassiliev was born in Siberia (Russia). He studied at the Academy of Music in Novosibirsk Guitar by Arkadiy Bourchanov and composition by Sergey Tossin. In 1995 he began postgraduate studies at the Academy of Music in Muenster, with Professor Reinbert Evers and Dr. Georg Hajdu.

Vassiliev is a prize winner at renowned international composition competitions: Open Strings, Nordhorn (Germany), Fidelio (Spain). As a composer he wrote chamber music for various types of ensemble, but
his work remained focused, however, on his main instrument, the guitar. His numerous compositions and arrangements have been published in Europe, as well as in Japan, Canada and the USA. His music sounds experimental and innovative, but it is also stamped by tradition, above all that of the classical Russian school. His musical style distinguishes itself by its diversity: from romantic melancholy through impressionistic fantasies and mysticism, right up to contemporary expressiveness.

For many years the composer worked together with famous performers. His music found a firm place in the repertoire of Shin-Ichi Fukuda, Carlos Bonell, Roman Viazovskiy, Carlo Marchione, Thomas Müller-Pering, Dimitri Illarionov,  Matt Palmer, Maximilian Mangold, Sanel Redžić, Irina Kulikova, Ruben Bettencourt, Yuri Liberzon and other highly regarded musicians. As well as this, many promising young musicians taking part in the "Young Musicians“ programme owe their initial successes to Vassiliev's music.

As a guitarist he successfully appeared with singer Günter Gall in a German nationwide literary programme. In 1999 he was a prize winner at the "Open Strings" guitar composition festival competition in Osnabrück. In addition, Konstantin Vassiliev is also active as a teacher and writes teaching literature and textbooks for young musicians.